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The tennis court project has been moving fast and the main construction is nearing completion.  Check out the construction time lapse video to see the progress.  We are still seeking continued donations for future amenities.  If you are interested in donating to the project ease visit the Donate page for ways to donate.

Memorial Park Disc Golf Signs & New T-Pads

Memorial Park Sign.jpg


There are several ways you can help support Ottumwa's Parks

  • Keep the parks clean

    • be sure to pick up all of your trash while in the parks​

    • volunteer to pick up trash

    • pick up trash as your enjoying your time in the park

  • Volunteer your time​

    • there are always several projects available in the parks to help keep them looking nice.  If you are interested in helping check out our Get Involved tab or contact us.​

  • Project Ideas​

    • we would love to hear from the community for future project ideas

  • Donate​

    • Did you know we have 22 parks in the City of Ottumwa?  Those parks take a lot of work and maintenance to keep them up do date.  If your interested in helping with donations check out our donation tab.


Our current large project is raising money for new tennis courts for Ottumwa.  The current courts are in total disrepair, to the point players can actually get hurt.  Within a few years, the courts will be too dangerous for the high school program to continue.  New courts would be vital to attracting large invitationals & providing more economic dollars to our community.  The total estimated cost of the project is $2,144,000.  Friends of Ottumwa's Parks has already secured $1.5 million from the Ottumwa Community Schools and up to $750 thousand from the City of Ottumwa.  If you are interested in donating please visit our donation tab.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Click here to see more of our current and completed projects.

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